FremantleMedia Slots are available.

FremantleMedia, a subsidiary of RTL Group, which is a subsidiary of the German corporation Bertelsmann, operates as the parent entity of FremantleMedia Enterprises. Licencing and distribution for FremantleMedia productions, which include many of the most popular and extensively produced game and talent programs in the world, are managed by the Enterprises division.

The trademarks of the corporation have been licensed to FremantleMedia Enterprises for use in the creation of games and derivative programming. Computer games, arcade-style games, and slot machine games are included. FremantleMedia Enterprises has finalized slot machine development agreements with a number of prominent gaming companies for international markets, including the United States and Europe.

For distinct markets, distinct game developers may be contracted to create properties based on particular trademarks.

Thus, based on a popular FremantleMedia television program, one company may develop a slot machine for land-based casinos, while another company may create a comparable slot machine game for the online market.

FremantleMedia mandates that game developers adhere to a specific aesthetic or structural framework when creating games. As an illustration, numerous online slot games from Fremantle comprise a rudimentary game in which the player rotates generic reels while awaiting bonus games, which feature elements of the particular productions that served as inspiration for the games.

Histories of FremantleMedia Games Corporation

Initially established in 1835 as a publishing house, Bertelsmann expanded its presence in both print and broadcast media during the post–World War II era by acquiring additional businesses. 1964 saw the acquisition by Bertelsmann of UFA, originally established as Universum Film AG in 1917. International audiences recognize UFA most notably as the production company that helmed the groundbreaking science fiction film “Metropolis” in 1926. In the 1950s, however, the company had expanded into television programming and served as the production company for the longest-running television game show in history, The Price Is Right.
In 1984, Bertelsmann founded UFA Film-und Fernseh GmbH as a subsidiary to compete in the newly constituted private television market in Germany. The formation of the RTL Group resulted from a sequence of media company mergers that occurred during the 1990s. In 1997, UFA merged with CLT, and CLT-UFA International subsequently merged with Pearson television. In 1997, Pearson completed the acquisition of All American Fremantle, which enabled the company to obtain properties including The Price Is Right and Family Feud.
In 2001, RTL Group’s content production division was rebranded as FremantleMedia, and the company subsequently debuted a number of game and talent programs.
The licensing and distribution divisions of FremantleMedia merged in 2006 to create FremantleMedia Enterprises.
FremantleMedia entered into direct development competition with its videogame development partners with the acquisition of Ludia in 2010. The organization continues to negotiate new contracts with prominent game designers and manufacturers.

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